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Why buy a property in Brazil?

There are as many reasons as there are buyers. Our aim here is to present a few of them - and some of the things you should be clear about when buying an apartment in Brazil.


Getting in on the ground floor of a tourist boom - a lucrative investment

Brazil today is comparable in many respects to Spain 20 years ago. Charter flights and mass tourism have just begun. This means that anyone investing in apartments here can expect a very high return. Apartment prices are expected to rise by 35% a year on average, or more if you choose an apartment in the right location. The country is also becoming progressively more accessible, with more flights and shorter travelling times. See general information for an overview of airlines, flights and prices.



Brazil is one of the cheapest countries in the world: you can enjoy life here without worrying about the cost. Scandinavians, who are used to high prices, are startled by the enormous contrast when they come to Brazil. A beer costs about 5 kroner and a drink in a restaurant ca. kr 10. Lunch is about 30 kroner. Add to that good service and a friendly population, and you have a combination that’s hard to beat.


Stable political climate

Brazil is a stable country. Despite its poverty, it is also a vast country, with great export potential. It has never been a terrorist target, and the political climate looks set to continue improving year by year. For all these reasons, many countries have established commercial interests here.


Warm weather

Brazil’s climate is also stable, warm but not too humid, with year-round temperatures of 28-30degC. The coldest season, with some rain, is from May to September: in other words, it is winter in Brazil when it is summer in Norway, and vice-versa. If you come to Brazil during the Norwegian winter, it will always be warm; but remember that Brazil is a very big country, and temperatures can vary from region to region. In the town of Cumbuco, where Kariri Beach Resort has been built, the weather is very stable and warm with less rain than the national average.



Many people fall in love with Brazil immediately because of its culture and people. The population is exceptionally friendly and welcoming, and stress and anxiety are virtually unknown concepts. Most Brazilians are happiest under a parasol on the beach by day and partying by night. They are truly a festive people, - as demonstrated by their famous Carnival.


Diversity: natural and human

No other country in the world can boast such diversity, in population or nature. In the vastness of Brazil you can experience everything from the unexplored Amazon jungle to the world’s highest waterfall... not to mention long days on the beach in a tropical paradise, sea fishing, diving, the world’s greatest carnival, riding through the sand dunes on a beach buggy, and so much more. See general information for tips on where to go and what to do in Brazil.

Sunset in the Amazon
Sunset in the Amazon

Stay 180 days without a visa

You can spend the entire winter half of the year (up to 180 days) here without the need for a visa. If you buy an apartment at Kariri Beach Residence we strongly advise you to take some time to travel around: to the Amazon, for example, as pictured on the right.


All set for a comfortable journey

More and more flights, shorter journey times and cheaper air tickets make it easier and more reasonable to get to Brazil. See general information for details of airlines, schedules and prices. As you can see in the pictures on the right, Brazil is a country of fantastic natural beauty and variety: you can find absolutely everything in Brazil.


The biggest and best carnival in the world

Very few people can not have heard of the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. This must be on everyone’s list of things to do before you die. There is nothing quite like this gaudy, joyously shameless festival -- except that there are numerous festivals throughout Brazil on a par with Rio de Janeiro’s, which just happens to be the most famous. Fortaleza, for example, the neighbouring city to Cumbuco, has its own Carnival attracting millions of revellers during the Norwegian winter. With an apartment at Kariri Beach Residence it’s only 40 minutes away....


Samba till sundown

This is what the Brazilians are known for: dancing the Samba until the sun sets on a tropical strand, having a drink or two (try a caprina!), making new friends. But bear in mind that Brazilians also like to keep in good shape, and you are just as likely to see them working out on beaches all over the country. For the lady to the right, an evening dance through the city streets is just what the doctor ordered.


Bargains galore

A cabin in the Norwegian countryside will cost many times more than an equivalent apartment in Brazil. At Kariri Beach Residence you can get a new, high-quality two-room apartment with its own furniture, fantastic sea views and 100 metres’ stroll to the beach for a fifth of what you have to pay for a dilapidated hut in Norway in a similar location - and what chance of fine weather during the summer?


Foreigners can own residential property in Brazil

Foreigners are permitted to own houses, apartments and land in Brazil. This is not always the case; Thailand, which has become such a popular holiday destination for Norwegians, is just one example. The Brazilian government, on the other hand, is keen to attract foreign purchasing power and does everything it can to make foreigners happy here. And it looks like it has succeeded: just about everybody comes home from Brazil with a big smile on their face.