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The apartments at Kariri Beach Residence

Here are some images of the entire development, including plans and sketches of the different apartments, plus information on amenities, prices, payment provisions, our bank guarantee, communal/joint ownership arrangements, etc. Brazilian Realestate AS is one of very few companies that can guarantee the safety of your money right up to the day you take possession of your apartment. Payments are held by a Norwegian lawyer in a client account until the entire development has been completed.


Pictures and plans


Inclusive and individual sets of furniture in different price classes

Beautiful Cumbuco
Beautiful Cumbuco

The bank guarantee


Your money is safe in a client account

Brazilian Realestate AS makes sure your money is safe every step of the way until you have taken possession of your apartment. Safety is also our priority during the building process. For that reason we have financed the development ourselves.

How to avoid negative currency fluctuations

As property in Brazil is paid for in Brazilian currency, there is always a
risk of negative currency movement on the foreign exchange market. This can cause the price of the apartment to rise above the original price expressed in Norwegian kroner. Brazilian Realestate AS has taken this into consideration by setting up a client account controlled by a firm of lawyers in Brazil. The buyer can avoid currency swings completely simply by paying the entire purchase price into the client account in Brazil.

Payments into our Norwegian client account, on the other hand, are at risk of currency swings. We work from a rate of NOK 2.75 which prevailed when the project was costed. We absorb the expense if the Brazilian currencyincreases by up to five per cent against the krone; the buyer is responsible for any increase beyond that.


Beautiful Cumbuco
Beautiful Cumbuco

Official Brazilian government confirmation of ownership and planning consent for construction of Kariri Beach Residence

Any prospective buyer should check that the developer is sound, that he owns the site on which he is building, and that he has planning permission from the Brazilian authorities for the project. Brazilian Realestate AS has taken account of this by making available copies of the legal documentation confirming ownership and building consent from the official environment and planning body Idema, which you can see by clicking on the link below. For additional  information about the owners of Brazilian Realestate AS, all of whom have track records as successful businessmen in Norway and Brazil, see Owners’ background under "About Us" in the menu at the top of the page.



Building consents

Beautiful Cumbuco
Beautiful Cumbuco


Please see the sections "Service and maintenance: a unique concept" and "An exclusive development" under "Why buy an apartment at Kariri Beach Residence?", to which we would add: as well as the magnificent beach and luxurious swimming pool, the development includes a poolside restaurant and bar with sea views which also offers 24-hour room service. For evening entertainment, a stage will be set up at the bottom of the garden by the beach. Some sites have been reserved for shops and other services.



A playground will be built once construction is finished.


Below is a list of prices and the the size of each apartment. To see the location of each apartment, see the level plans

The price in reals listed below includes the standard furniture set and 8 % expenses.

  No. 101 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 102 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 103 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 104 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 105 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 106 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 107 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 108 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 109 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 110 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 111 46,14 M² Sold
  No. 112 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 113 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 114 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 115 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 116 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 117 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 201 64,59 M² 324.000 REALS Reserved
  No. 202 64,59 M² 324.000 REALS
  No. 203 64,59 M² 324.000 REALS
  No. 204 64,59 M² 350.000 REALS
  No. 205 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 206 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 207 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 208 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 209 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 210 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 211 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 212 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 213 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 214 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 215 46,14 M² Sold
  No. 216 64,59 M² 350.000 REALS
  No. 217 64,59 M² 350.000 REALS
  No. 218 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 219 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 220 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 221 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 222 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 223 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 224 64,59 M² 370.000 REALS Sold
  No. 225 46,14 M² 284.000 REALS
  No. 226 64,59 M² 324.000 REALS
  No. 227 64,59 M² 324.000 REALS
  No. 301 64,59 M² 339.000 REALS
  No. 302 64,59 M² 339.000 REALS Reserved
  No. 303 64,59 M² 339.000 REALS
  No. 304 64,59 M² 366.000 REALS
  No. 305 64,59 M² 366.000 REALS
  No. 306 64,59 M² 366.000 REALS
  No. 307 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 308 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 309 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 310 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 311 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 312 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 313 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 314 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 315 46,14 M² Sold
  No. 316 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 317 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 318 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 319 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 320 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 321 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 322 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 323 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 324 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 325 46,14 M² Sold
  No. 326 64,59 M² 339.000 REALS
  No. 327 64,59 M² 339.000 REALS
  No. 401 64,59 M² 354.000 REALS
  No. 402 64,59 M² 354.000 REALS
  No. 403 64,59 M² 354.000 REALS
  No. 404 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 405 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 406 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 407 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 408 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 409 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 410 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 411 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 412 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 413 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 414 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 415 46,14 M² 314.000 REALS
  No. 416 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 417 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 418 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 419 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 420 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 421 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 422 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 423 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 424 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 425 46,14 M² 294.000 REALS
  No. 426 64,59 M² Sold
  No. 427 64,59 M² Sold

Clients who want a five-room, 130 square metre apartment can knock two 64,59 M² apartments together
numbered as above. The price is the sum of the two apartments, plus 10% of the total to cover the extra
architect’s fees, structural alterations and paperwork.


There are 54 parking places in the garage. The price is NOK 55.000



Fortaleza sunset
Fortaleza sunset

Organization and maintenance

All the apartments in Kariri Beach Residence are freehold: once you have paid the purchase price in full you are given title deeds, as in Norway, stating that you are the sole owner. A residents’ association will be set up by the developer, who will see to the practical formalities and paperwork. A board of residents will make any decisions concerning maintenance and will set a monthly service charge. This will cover janitor and security services, insurance, pool cleaning, gardening and similar communal expenses.


General payment details


20 % of the purchase price is payable within a week of signing the contract, and a further 30 % at the start of construction. All buyers will receive advance notice of the starting date, which is expected to be during the summer of 2006, with completion ultimo 2008.

Another 30% will be payable when the roof has been completed and sealed. The remaining 20% is payable, plus an 8% conveyance fee, when your apartment is finished.

All buyers will be informed of the progress of the project, and up-to-date pictures will be posted weekly on our web site.

If all or part of the purchase price, including costs, is not paid on time, the buyer will be charged interest calculated on the total purchase price at a rate of 7 % above the prevailing base rate set by Norges Bank. 

Payments can be made in any of three ways:
- Direct to Brazilian Realestate in Norway. 
- To the client account of Norwegian law firm Grette Eiendom in which funds will be held until construction is completed.
- To the client account of a law firm in Brazil in which funds will be held until construction is completed. By transferring funds directly to Brazil you avoid the risk of adverse currency movements.


The money will not be accessible to the developer before then. The cost of any adverse currency movements exceeding 5% will be borne by the purchaser. Buyers who wish to protect themselves against  such currency movements by paying a fixed price in Norwegian kroner can do so by paying Brazilian Realestate AS directly. Brazilian Realestate AS will then transfer the funds to its subsidiary company in Brazil so that the developer will not lose out as a result of any currency movements.

Beautiful Cumbuco
Beautiful Cumbuco

Conveyance costs

Conveyance costs of 8% of the purchase price also include a Brazilian lawyer’s fee. The deeds to the property will be delivered to the purchaser as soon as the transaction has been registered in Brazil, the same procedure as for a freehold apartment in Norway.

Beautiful Cumbuco
Beautiful Cumbuco

Technical standards

The entire development is of course compliant with Brazilian laws and regulations. The apartments will maintain a high standard.

Beautiful Cumbuco
Beautiful Cumbuco

Price rises


Of course, we cannot guarantee any increase in the value of your apartment as this is subject to market forces. However, we can confirm that land and apartment prices in Brazil are rising very rapidly. As Kariri Beach Residence is ideally situated, the town is growing quickly, and a spectacular golf course is nearing completion less than three kilometres at about the same time as your apartment, strong price appreciation in the near term looks more than  likely.


Legal conditions


Brazilian laws and procedures apply to all contracts involving property purchases. In practice, this has advantages and disadvantages in comparison with the Norwegian system. If you have specific questions, please contact our sales manager Karsten Steine as shown at the bottom of the page.




The property is insured by the developer until the buyer has taken possession. 

Beautiful Cumbuco
Beautiful Cumbuco

Kariri Beach Residence

Finally, an intriguing footnote: the name "Kariri" originated with an Indian tribe of that name. The tribe owned and controlled large areas of Ceara state before the Portuguese colonized the region, including the beach.


Contact Us

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Head of Sales: Karsten Steine 
Tel: +47 2288 1932 
Mob: +47 4888 9200 



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