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Why buy an apartment in Cumbuco?

It has taken us more than eight months to find the best town in which to develop our exclusive apartment complex. A great many factors were involved in our final choice of Cumbuco.

Following are some of the reasons why we think you should choose Cumbuco rather than some of the better-known (and more commercial) localities such as Natal, with their high concentrations of Scandinavians and package tourists.


About Cumbuco

Cumbuco is a small coastal village (year-round population: 1000) with a laid-back atmosphere, only 40 minutes from the international airport at Fortaleza.

Its spectacular sand dunes and miles of palm-fringe beaches are legendary. The town is especially popular as a centre for water sports, and well-known as an Eldorado for surfing enthusiasts, including wind- and site-surfers. The sun shines all year round and the average temperature is 28degC.

The town has restaurants and bars, a pharmacy, a medical centre, and plenty of shops, including a supermarket: the infrastructure and the town itself are growing rapidly - with, as we have noted, a strong potential for rising property prices to match. The city of Fortaleza is less than 40 km away.



Price appreciation

Land and house prices (including apartments) in Cumbuco are rising at a dizzying rate; as the town’s potential becomes more widely recognized, a veritable bidding war is underway, with investors squabbling over the remaining beachfront sites. Because Kariri Beach Residence occupies the best site in town, the value of these apartments is expected to rise fastest of all.


Natural setting and climate

The great freshwater lagoon and abundant water supply have created a beautiful, green natural setting. The sand dunes near the beach front make Cumbuco one of the sunniest towns in Brazil, while the persistent light sea breeze over the dunes generates thermal winds. These in turn help to disperse any cloud formations, prolonging fair weather and producing ideal conditions for wind-and kite-surfers. When it’s raining in the city of Fortaleza 37 km away, often as not the sun is shining in Cumbuco. The sea breeze also enables sunbathers to indulge themselves for longer periods without discomfort. Away from the beach front, the breeze weakens, and by the lagoon it’s usually dead calm.


Quieter, cleaner, prettier...

Cumbuco is a cosy little town: quieter, prettier and cleaner than the larger, more commercial towns and cities. Here you have plenty of time to enjoy life and get to know the locals. Not that you will ever get bored: not with so many activities during the day, and so many bars and restaurants for an evening out. There is a truly Hispanic feel to the town, plus a warmth and friendliness that soothe the soul. And anyone living at Kariri Beach Residence will soon be aware of its reputation as the most luxurious place in town.


Low criminality

While the crime rates of big cities like Rio de Janeiro are well known, crime is almost unheard-of in Cumbuco. Criminal activity is lower here than in Natal, for example, and you can stroll around this cosy little town in safety even at night, with nothing more on your mind than enjoying the evening, the silence and the stars. The low crime rate reflects the history of this peaceful and easy-going town, originally a fishing community.


Sustainable development

It is good to know that the Cumbuco’s range of services is steadily increasing. Equally encouraging is the knowledge that such development is self-limiting, as building is prohibited in the sand dunes and wetlands which surround the heart of the town. Future expansion will occur to the north along the shore. A comparison with Natal, where the beach is often littered with Swedish and Norwegian flags, is instructive: such a state of affairs is most unlikely in Cumbuco. This is the real Brazil... tranquil but lively, by day or by night, and never boring.


Golfing deluxe

Cumbuco Golf Resort, now under construction at a cost estimated to total NOK 1.2 billion, will be the finest such development in Brazil.

With its nine- and 18-hole courses and first-class facilities, the resort is expected to attract luxury-loving golfers from all over the world - while adding value yet again to your Kariri Beach Residence apartment, less than 3 km away.


Sport and leisure activities

In addition to the activities at the golf resort and Kariri Beach Residence itself, beach and water sports are obviously the order of the day: traditional surfboarding kite- and wind- surfing (see: www.cumbuco.com), water- and jet-skiing are some of the most popular.


Horse-riding on the beach is also highly recommended. Every day, if you wish, you can simply walk out of your apartment and carry on 100 metres across the beach to hire your steed. Off you go, side-saddle or astride, tanning gently as you are borne along the shore.


Beach buggies are also for hire, with or without a driver. The great sand dunes behind the beach road are ideal for this pursuit, which can feel uncannily like a roller-coaster ride.


Sledging and sand boarding - like snowboarding except that sand, of course, replaces the snow - are also popular in Cumbuco. There is nothing quite like a long run on a greased board down the dunes and into the lagoon: a hit with kids of all ages! For the more sedate, Cumbuco is ideal for jogging - and your Kariri Beach Residence apartment comes complete with access to a fully-equipped, air-conditioned health studio.


Low prices

Even though Brazil has one of the lowest costs of living in the world, prices can and do vary. In the larger commercial centres such as Rio de Janeiro, Natal, etc., prices rise with the numbers of tourists and other foreigners. Prices in Cumbuco, by contrast, are geared to local incomes and therefore more than reasonable. A drink in a bar costs five kroner, dinner in a local restaurant NOK 25-30. The dinner pictured on the right costs about NOK 30.


Fortaleza has it all!

Cumbucu’s big-city neighbour Fortaleza is the fifth largest in the county, and growing fast. Less than 40 km and a NOK 100 taxi ride away, the city offers everything from sophisticated shopping to a vibrant (and world-famous) night life... something for every taste.


Closer to Europe

This part of Brazil is one of the closest to Europe, and therefore the shortest flying time away: 10 hours, just four hours more than to Gran Canaria. There are plans for direct flights from Norway to Fortaleza airport, about 40 minutes by taxi from Cumbuco.


The beautiful lagoon

A few hundred metres behind Kariri Beach Residence are the great sand dunes, and behind these a great freshwater lagoon. Surrounded by the dunes and fringed with palm trees, the lagoon is an exceedingly beautiful place. From the tops of the dunes you can toboggan straight into the water.

In fact the lagoon is ideal for many water sports, especially for those who dislike saltwater or are nervous of the sea. As there is no surf, and the floor of the lagoon is gently sloping, the area is particularly attractive to those looking after children. Some exclusive homes have been built here and there along the lagoon.



The annual February carnival in Rio de Janeiro is world-famous; less well known are the many other carnivals taking place all over Brazil throughout the year. Carnival in the nearby city of Fortaleza attracts over two million round-the-clock revellers every July.


Cheap car hire

If you wish to hire a car, it will cost from NOK 130 per day, including insurance and 150 km free daily mileage.



Evenings in Cumbuco are still on the quiet side. There are cosy restaurants and a few bars in the town centre, and plans for a discothèque; but if you really want to party the night away you will have to spend a tenner on a taxi to Fortaleza, which is world-famous for it. Many of its innumerable bars, restaurants and discos feature a "big night" once a week, when everybody who is anybody comes along to see and be seen. Picture on the right is "La Pirata", a huge outdoor disco with its own bars and restaurants situated right on the water’s edge, and a delightful mix of Brazilians of all ages, tourists and foreign residents. The atmosphere is very friendly and it’s easy to make contact with Brazilians.


You are safe in Cumbuco

When travelling abroad it’s only natural to think about safety and security. In Cumbuco you can be sure of both. In case of illness or injury, an ambulance will take you from your apartment to a first-class modern hospital. If natural disasters - tsunamis, hurricanes, etc. - are on your mind... forget it: Cumbuco is no more vulnerable in this respect than Norway, and the same is true of animal life. There are no scorpions or snakes, for example, in Cumbuco.