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Why buy an apartment at Kariri Beach Residence?

As we have seen, there can be any number of good reasons for wanting to own property in Brazil: but the choice of Kariri Beach Residence in particular boils down to a few straightforward details. Top of the list are high quality, comfort, service and the certainty of a lucrative investment. Our aim is that every purchaser visiting their flat for the first time should say to themselves: "This even better than we thought!" Below are a few of the most compelling reasons why you should buy an apartment at Kariri Beach Residence.

See animated movie from Kariri Beach Residence.


A good investment

Brazilian property prices are increasing rapidly, especially for ideally situated, high-quality residences such as those at Kariri Beach Residence. When Brazil’s most outstanding golf course is completed - less than 3 km away - the rise in value will be formidable. For this reason we also expect the apartments at Kariri Beach Residence to sell out quickly.



New, exclusive, high-standard apartments

Built-in features include:

  • All the usual amenities standard in Norway such as internet connection, pre-installed telephone, satellite TV outlets (receiving all Norwegian channels)... all included.
  • Exclusive baths, air conditioning and TV outlets in living room and all bedrooms.
  • Downlighting in all rooms.
  • Efficient and modern layout.
  • Light colours and attractive tiled floors in all rooms.
  • Some of the apartments can be divided into "suites" so that children or guests can live separately; you can also take in paying guests while you are there, and rent out the apartment in part or entirely when you are away. We have also signed an agreement with a tour operator guaranteeing rental income (if you so wish) when you are away. See below.


The best site in Cumbuco

  • All the apartments are situated right on the beachfront with sea views. As there can be no further construction in front of the development, the apartment are bound to rise in value.
  • The site is most centrally located for restaurants (the best meat and fish restaurants in town flank the property), supermarkets and all the other service amenities.
  • But despite its central situation, the area is quiet and peaceful day and night.
  • On the beach, right next door, you can hire a horse or a range of equipment for water sports: for water- and jet-skiing, wind- and kite-surfing, and of course traditional surfboarding.



Service and maintenance: a unique concept

Kariri Beach Residence apartments are sold freehold, with the same rights as in Norway - but with so much more.

When you are occupying your apartment, whether long-term or for a week or two, the point is to enjoy yourself. We have organized it so that you have no need to waste your time on trivial chores such as cleaning, making the bed, shopping for food, etc. Kariri Beach Residence offers the same services you would expect at a hotel. At any time you can just press a button to have your apartment tidied or your bed changed; you can ring Reception for 24-hour room service, including drinks and simple meals, or you can ask for someone to do your shopping. In short: at Kariri Beach Residence, your wish is our command.


Rental income: a unique opportunity


Renting out your apartment

As an apartment owner at Kariri Beach Residence you can count on a steadily rising rental income for years to come. Kariri Beach Residence has signed a contract with Brazilian Fiesta Tours, a well-known company with offices in Rio de Janeiro, Recife and Fortaleza, to look after rentals at the development. The agency already arranges apartment rentals for more than 6000 people each year in and around Fortaleza. The managing director of Brazilian Fiesta Tours is one of the owners of Brazilian Real Estate AS and a prominent and politically inflluential figure in Cumbuco.

Given the first-class facilities on offer - 24-hour reception, room service and all the other services typical of a luxury hotel - we expect a surge in bookings and rapidly rising in rental fees as soon as the development is complete, particularly as interest in Cumbuco is on the increase among international tour operators.
How it works

Of course, it is up to you whether you wish to make your apartment available for rent, but the assumption is that
the majority will, so that enough beds are available to meet the demand from tour operators referring guests.
Available apartments will be rented at random; Kariri Beach Residence staff will take care that the lettings are
fairly apportioned.
Rental income will be calculated on a daily basis and organized as follows:
- Apartments for rent will be assigned to a pool and subject to a collective accounting regime for all rental income.
- Composition of the pool will vary according to the decisions of the respective owners. Apartment will be entered
in or withdrawn from the pool only at the beginning of each week, i.e. on Mondays.
- Rents will be calculated per day according to season and room size:
 hspace=18 m2 high season: 15 USD, low season: 10 USD
46 m2 high season: 25 USD, low season: 20 USD
64 m2 high season: 35 USD, low season: 30 USD
The 18m2 rooms belong to the three-room apartments with separate entrances which are the most popular type at Kariri Beach Residence. High season is November-March and the month of July. The prices are expected to rise in line with market conditions and demand.
Rental income, less outgoings (expenses), will be distributed at the end of each year according to a formula assigning a share of the year’s profits (total rental income less total outgoings) to each apartment in the pool.
The share assigned to each apartment will depend on its purchase price as a percentage of the total value of all the apartments in the pool, adjusted for the length of time your apartment has been in the pool.
For example: if the value of your apartment represents 6% of the pool, and the total profit for the year is kr 1 million, and your apartment has been available for rent for six months of that year... then you will receive 50% of 6%  - kr 30,000 - as your share.
Any damage to apartments occurring while it is rented out will be covered by Brazilian Realestate’s subsidiary
in Brazil.
How much rental income can you expect?

There is of course no guarantee, apart from our anticipation of rapidly rising bookings and income to match. 
A return on capital investment of 4-10% p.a. is a realistic prospect in the first few years.




An exclusive development


The communal grounds and facilities of Kariri Beach Residence will meet the same high standards as your apartment. Highlights include a large, delightful swimming pool with waterfalls and outdoor lighting; a beautifully landscaped garden featuring natural stone and tiles; an air-conditioned fitness centre with weights, rowing and running machines and a separate aerobics room; and a luxurious lobby area with plenty of room for relaxing and mingling with other residents, surrounded by sea views.


Airport service

Let us know in advance when you are coming to your apartment: you will be met at the airport and driven directly to Kariri Beach Residence.